pk10规则_DHL to plant 15,000 trees to help turn Hebei green

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pk10规则DHL trapk10规则pk10规则nsport vehicles stand ready to be loaded in front of the company's logistics center in Gross Schwass near Rostock, northeastern Germany. [Photo/Agencies]

DHL Epk10规则xpress China announced on Tuesday, marked in China as Tree Planting Day, planting of 15,000 trees in Fengning county, Hebei province, to actively support the Deutsche Post DHL's commitment to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by the year 20200.

Partnering with China Environmental Protection Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection in China, the company plans to plant Chinese pines and Armeniaca sibiricas in 133,000 square meters in the mountain of the Fengning, so as to maintain water and soil level, prevent windstorms, fix sand, regulate climate and effectively repair and improve local ecological environment.

Located 1200 kilometers away from Beijing, Fengning is the only way for sand storms to travel south to Beijing and Tianjin. This afforestation activity therefore will play a positive role in improving air quality and protecting water resources in the two cities.

Wu Dongming, CEO of DHL Express China and member of DHL Express' Global Management Board, said: "As the world leading express delivery company, we should actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility to protect global environment and limit global warming. "

"We will also work with our customers to actively explore green logistics solutions to reduce carbon emissions in China. At the same time, the tree-planting will contribute to DPDHL's ambitious target and offer a gift for the 200th anniversary of DHL Express," he said.

After the Deutsche Post DHL announced its Go Green commitment to reduce all logistics-related emissions to net zero by the year 20200 two years ago, DHL Express China began actively supporting this significant initiative through a series of energy-saving measures, such as infrastructure renovation, energy-saving management of production lines in facilities and energy-saving management of transportation and services.

Lights at all of the offices throughout China are turned off during non-business hours and print limitation and duplex printing have been implemented to conserve paper. Lighting systems in every newly constructed facility are required to be equipped with LEDs. Additionally, monitoring and modifying the systems on the package sorting assembly line in service centers helps manage energy saving.

Last year, the company purchased 157 new electric vehicles accounting for nearly half of the total newly purchased vehicles. In addition, DHL Express China also joined Race to Zero program in 2018 created by Paul Institute and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, and promised to increase carbon efficiency by 36 percent by 2025 based on 2013 standard.